Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What that Amazon review could really cost

If you are an reviewer, you know last year Amazon banned incentivized reviews on free or discounted products. Since then, many have been offering PayPal, Amazon gift cards, google wallet ect was a way around to get their products reviewed on Amazon. These methods were still against Amazon's TOS but many were willing to do it in exchange for free or discounted products.

Amazon has introduced a Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews it states now that they will go after not only the sellers BUT groups, admins, members, ANYONE who tries to manipulate reviews. Meaning posting a "paid" for review could get you sued where it used to be only losing your reviewing privileges and possibly your whole Amazon account.

This only applies to people who review Amazon products in exchange for said products, a discount in exchange for a review, or are being paid in some form to review directly on Amazon.
You can still purchase items at free or low cost in exchange for say blog post or social shares ect just do not leave a review on Amazon. 

My suggestion, is to stay far, far away from Amazon reviewing. Do not accept Amazon review items! Is it really worth crossing Amazon? They are now saying they will even report to other places to take legal actions.  I know I wouldn't want to go to court over a cheap overpriced item myself, no matter how free it is!

Many may beg you to review an item. They will lie to you saying its safe or no one will know. Do you know why? They are getting PAID for your review. I've personally seen up to $100 per review BEFORE they banned incentivized reviews so no telling how much some are getting paid ! So of course they are going to say its safe.  You are making them money. Do you think they care what happens to you? All it takes is one person to report the activity to Amazon, and BAM everyone is going to be looked at. What if they cross search and find a pattern? Its not going to be pretty for anyone involved with this new policy. Their new policy even says "indirectly", so if you didn't know that it was against TOS they can still go after you. 

On top of Amazon taking measures in some cases, PayPal accounts have been shut down over accepting Paypal. The reason isn't quite clear as I was not able to gather enough info, but I suspect too many foreign transactions, too many small amount transfers, and in some cases possibly being paid from an hacked account or an account with a stolen credit card. 

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