Monday, March 6, 2017

$10.50 Clay Kit

If you have Amazon Prime, You can grab this clay kit for ONLY $10.50!

Craftswer 24 colors magic light air dry DIY modeling clay set craft kit, with easy to follow idea book.

  • Craftswer magic light clay is super strechable, super soft, non-crumbling, non-toxic, and very easy to model. Remains flexible when dry
  • Includes a big veriaty of colors plus a mixing table where you can combine an unlimited number of colors.
  • Follow the instructions of the enclosed easy-to-follow idea book, brainstorm your own ideas, and build impressive objects, let it dry for approximatly 24 hours (depends on size) and paint it.
  • If you looking for a craft kit for kids or adults this is great for the whole family adults and children alike, excellent for mothers to enjoy fun play time with children, and as a gift for all ocassions.
product instructions
1)keep the container closed all the time to keep the clay from drying out
2)if clay is not stored properly and hardness, simply add water to re-moisten the clay
3)specific colors may vary from illustration
4)while playing with the clay, children should be accompanied at all-time
5)storage life 24 months
did you know the difference between regular molding clay and model magic
during modeling:modeling is so easy because the lightness is non-crumbling and it doesn't cling to skin or room surfaces,
during drying:extreamly fast drying because the lightness,
after drying: its non-breakable because of the flexibility and softness of that clay, you can also fix it with a little water to adjust
✔product key features
✔ air-dry
✔ non-toxic
✔ non-clingy
✔can be paintied after drying
✔ reusable 

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