Tuesday, April 4, 2017

100 Micro Fiber clothes

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Microfiber Cleaning Towel Set By BloominGoods - Multipurpose & Reusable Cleaning Cloth - Perfect For Your Home, Office, Car & All Other Cleaning Needs (100)

  • FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS: You can use these cleaning towels in your home, office, kitchen, bathroom, or even for your car's interior and exterior cleaning.
  • PREMIUM MICROFIBER MATERIAL: Microfiber fabrics absorb 8 times their weight in water, pick up 3 times more dirt than cotton cloths, and also dry a lot quicker, too!
  • SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES: These microfiber cleaning towels allow you to clean even the most sensitive and smooth surfaces without risking leaving back streaks, scratches, or abrasions.
  • COLOR-CODED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: The microfiber towels come in multiple colors, so that you can dedicate each to cleaning a specific area and avoid cross-contamination.
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: Not only do these towels come in a value-for-money 100 pc bundle, they can also be washed and reused countless times - so you don't have to worry about getting new ones!

Product description

Package Quantity:100
Equip Your Home With The Highest Quality Cleaning Towels Available - Starting Today!
Whether you're looking for cleaning supplies for your home, office, car, RV, or anything else, these great BloominGoods cleaning towels will fit your needs perfectly!
With an ample 25cm x 25cm size, they're perfect for your home floors and walls, bathroom tiles and porcelain, kitchen sink and countertop, and even for windows and mirrors!
Plus, the fact that they are extra soft, smooth, and leave no streaks and scratches behind makes them great for both the interior and exterior for your car!

Made With Premium Quality Microfiber Fabrics
What really sets BloominGoods cleaning towels apart from lesser cleaning rags is the fact that they're made from top quality microfiber fabrics.
Durable, absorbent, and hygienic, microfiber towels can absorb up to 8 times their weight in water - almost 3 times as much common cotton ones do! They also tend to dry much faster, which itself hinters the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms.

Intuitive Color-Coded Design That Prevents Cross-Contamination
If you've ever cleaned a house before, then you may have experienced that awkward moment when you realize you've just washed the windows with the towel you've been using for the toilet bowl. Yuck!
We've been there too, so we made sure that our towels are color-coded. You can dedicate each of the colors included in the bundle to cleaning a different room or place in the house, and safely avoid such kinds of... cross-contamination!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

Order Your Own Premium Microfiber Cleaning Towel 100 Pc Bundle Now!

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