Wednesday, August 9, 2017

$1.60 Coconut Oil

Bath and Body Oil Works as the Perfect Gift for Women - Coconut Oil - Massage Oil - Jolie Chic

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Bath and Body Oil Works as the Perfect Gift for Women - Coconut Oil - Massage Oil - Jolie Chic

  • PURE AND NATURAL OILS - Fractionated Coconut Oil Jojoba Oil Bergamot Oil & Green Tea Extract - 8.8floz
  • Pure Coconut Oil Moisturizer for Bath & Body Works as a Bath Oil a Body Oil or the Best Massage Oil
  • Natural Bath Body Oil - Disperses into Bath Easily - Quickly absorbs into Skin - Non Greasy - Non Pore Clogging
  • BEST GIFT FOR BED BATH AND BODY WORKS - Christmas Stocking Filler Birthday Anniversary Present Bridesmaids Hostess Gifts for Women who Have Everything
  • A Couples Massage Oil - Designed to Appeal to Men and Women

Introducing the Pure Sanctum Jolie Chic Body Massage and Bath Oil - 8.8floz - A botanical delicately scented Body Oil making it the best Coconut Oil for skin - a light natural oil that penetrates your skin cells to moisturize - provides a soothing topical barrier without clogging pores - leaving skin feeling hydrated and enriched - Ideal for dry skin sufferers rough elbows and knees or cracked heels - Just a few successive nights using fractionated coconut oil on these areas can give quick relief. To use just apply this Pure Coconut Oil as you would a fine moisturizing cream. For faster results on heels, apply before bed, wear socks, and allow the oil to do its work overnight - HUSBANDS & BOYFRIENDS - this Upscale Bath Body Oil Gift is sure to please - Safer than other Bath or Beauty Gifts and a luxurious Body Massage Oil. We provide Fresh Handmade Cosmetics in Generous Sizes - Gifts for Women Friends Loved Ones you can present with Confidence - Specially designed for those who opt for Natural Organic Beauty Products - these Handmade Products contain All Natural Moisturizers and Skin Soothers Cocanut Oil - Jojoba Oil - Plant Extracts - Green Tea & Bergamot Oil - SUPPORT OUR ALL GIRL CREW WHO PRODUCE 100% FRESH NATURAL PRODUCTS - Unlike Bath & Body Works Oils or other Mineral Oils on Amazon there is nothing artificial in this Bath Oil - Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Vegan Gluten-free Cruelty-Free SLS-Free NO Parabens Phthalates or Petroleum-Based Ingredients - Whether you just love getting value for money or you are sharing your love with a Gift - Pure Sanctum is a Woman Owned Minority Business with Products that are Created Marketed and Sold Exclusively by us. We use top quality ingredients - Offer Awesome Customer Service - see our Seller profile to view what Customers say. We give a Lifetime Guarantee when you buy from us. Add to cart for the greatest body experience of your life! Set de regalos pàra Mujer Mejores Regalos

$1.60 Coconut oil 1.8

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