Thursday, August 3, 2017

20+ Kid's Books UNDER $2 with Amazon Prime

I love reading! So I'm always looking for cheap books I can purchase for my kid or to donate. If you have Amazon Prime here are some GREAT prices on books. TIP: SOME may offer NO RUSH shipping. USE NO RUSH to make for a even better deal! 

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NOTE these prices can change at anytime:

$1.01 Back to Dog-Gone School (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.25 The Cookie Boogie (Disney Palace Pets: Whisker Haven Tales) (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.25 Star Song (Barbie Star Light Adventure) (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.29 Cooking With the Cat (The Cat in the Hat: Step Into Reading, Step 1) Paperback

$1.30 Driving Buddies (Step into Reading) (Cars movie tie in) Paperback

$1.30 Dancing Dinos Go to School (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.34 Dogerella (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.36 Wild, Wild Wolves (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.37 Wild Predators (Wild Kratts) (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.82 T. Rex Trouble! (DC Super Friends) (Step into Reading)

$1.56 Sealed with a Kiss (Disney Princess) (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.55 Corn Aplenty (Step into Reading) Paperback 

$1.60 Apple Picking Day! (Step into Reading) Paperback 

$1.61 My Hero (Disney Bolt) (Step into Reading) Paperback 

$1.62 Ballet Stars (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.65 The Berenstain Bears Catch the Bus: A Tell the Time Story (Step into Reading, Step 2) Paperback –

$1.65 A Monster is Coming! (Step into Reading) Paperback 

$1.69Supergirl Takes Off! (DC Super Friends) (Step into Reading) Paperback

$1.74 Too Many Cats (Step into Reading) Paperback 

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