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Speed Jump Rope Fully Adjustable Super Lightweight & Durable-Best for Fitness Training

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - Speed Jump Rope is made from 1.5m steel wire coated in a 2.5mm PVC sleeve for excellent durability, and the PP handle material is comfortable and non-slip. Black color handle length 6.5 inch; Red color handle length 4.6 inch.
  • CONVENIENTLY ADJUSTABLE - The 10 foot cable’s length is fully adjustable using its large screws, so the jump rope can be conveniently adjusted for any user’s height.
  • THE EFFECTIVE & AFFORDABLE METHOD FOR BURNING FAT - Continuously jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging or 20 minutes of dancing fitness, and is drastically more affordable than gym equipment. It can also be used anywhere, any time by adults and children!
  • BENEFITS OF JUMPING ROPE- Its whole body movement can improve human body organ development, muscle strength, and nervous system development all at the same time.
  • INCLUDED CARRYING BAG - Each Speed Jump Rope comes with a premium embroidered large carrying bag, perfect for storing a phone, keys, and wallet alongside the jump rope.

Speed Jump Rope-Super Lightweight and Premium Quality-Beautiful Embroidered Bag Packaging-Best for Fitness Training

Mysuntown speed jump rope, handle as: PP, rope as: steel wire + PVC, steel wire 1.5 mm in diameter, plus PVC 2.5 mm.
PP is a kind of plastic, which is a linear polymer of a high-density and highly crystalline, with excellent overall performance.
PVC is a vinyl polymer material, its material is a kind of non-crystalline materials. Not easily flammable, high strength, resistance to climate variability and excellent stability.

Why choose our Mysuntown Jump Rope?
Because we know what product to make you satisfied! Most of the people are busy with their work and have limit time to exercise, if you choose our jump rope, then you can spend time with your family, and you can keep yourself healthy. Let us say goodbye to those boring gym workouts!

Advantages of Mysuntown new jump rope:
1. Lightweight; Adjustable and Durable; Suitable for men, women, boys, girls and children.
2. Just need spend a little time, which also can help you burn lots of calories.
3. Package with a large premium carrying bag, enough space for your phone, key, wallet and others.
4. The most practical and effective fitness equipment not only can help you lose weight, but also can keep your body more healthy, more perfect, and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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