Saturday, September 16, 2017

$1.97 Ultra Glow in the Dark Stars for Amazon Prime Members!

Do you have Amazon Prime? If so you can grab these glow in the dark stars for ONLY $1.97!!! Grab some codes from the gleams at bottom of blog post!

Kangaroo's Ultra Glow in the Dark Stars; 200 Count w/ Bonus Moon

  • Extra Bright Fluorescent Stars Plus Glowing Moon; Wall Stickers for Boys; Boys Room Decor! Boys Room Decorations; Star Ceiling Decoration; Boys Room Wall Decor; Kids Room Decor; Kids Room Wall Decor; Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Kids; Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Boys; Glow Star Decals; Glow Wall Decals; Glowing Room Decor; Ceiling Light Stars; Bedroom Stars; Stars Bedroom
  • Imported
  • 200 Count Glow in the Dark Stars
  • Bonus Moon Included
  • *Exclusive - Brand New Glow Formula - May 2017* 
Kangaroo's Glow Dark Stars Are The Best on the Market with 200 Glow in the Dark Stars and One Bonus Moon Per Order. Stick Them On Your Ceiling or On the Walls. Kids Will Love the Natural Light These Glow Stars Give Off. Great Party Favors! One Kit Make Dozens or Birthday Party Favors! Give The Birthday Girl or Boy the Bonus Glow in the Dark Moon! 

*200 Brilliantly Glowing ceiling/wall Stars included in each kit. 

*Lifetime Glow Guarantee - These are the only stars made with IllumaGlow2.0. Extensive testing has shown that IllumaGlow2.0 shines brighter and longer than the leading competitor's luminescent formulas 

*Our stars are NOT merely stickers or decals - They are Thermo-molded, rigid, and can be re-applied over and over with the special adhesive putty that comes with your kit. You won't have to deal with dried-on stickers that are virtually impossible to remove from your ceiling. 

**A few words about Putty - Our adhesive putty not only gives you the freedom to reposition your stars with the confidence that they will stick again, but has been tested to be safe for wall/ceiling surfaces - even textured or older popcorn-style acoustic ceilings. Other manufacturer's use an inferior double-sided foam tape, which loses it's adhesion properties after one application AND has been known to leave behind a messy, dried mixture of foam/glue that is extremely frustrating to remove not to mention damaging to your paint surface. Bottom line is OUR PUTTY is safe, Reusable and worry-free! 

*Each Kit comes with enough adhesive putty for all 200 stars (and even your Bonus Moon!) 

*Comes with an inspirational star guide and constellation map 

*Star sizes - 3.8cm and 2.0cm

*Excellent tool for helping children who still struggle with being left alone in the dark 

*Find the included Bonus glowing moon!

TIPS - Exposure to a bright room light is KEY to getting the maximum glow from your stars

How do you get this deal?
1. Click a gleam link
2. Login with FB
3. Click redeem with FB and a code with a search term will pop up
4. GO to and put the search term in the amazon search bar.
5. FIND the item pictured up above. Make sure its the RIGHT brand and the seller is the right one listed (change seller by clicking new from on the right side under the add to cart button) 
6. at checkout put in your code. *NOTE codes will NOT combine you will have to do seperate orders
7. PLEASE leave your order #s here or on Tiffany's Online Finds and Deals post THANK YOU! 
*If alll codes are gone it will say REWARD ENDED. Come back tomorrow as codes will be added!

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