Monday, September 4, 2017

Grease Splatter Screen

Grab this Grease Splatter Screen for ONLY $.15 with Amazon Prime and code from gleam at bottom of blog post.

Pennakool Grease Splatter Screen: Top 13” Oil Splash Guard for Ultimate Protection In Cooking/ Large Fine Food-Grade Stainless Steel Mesh, Firm Grip Handle & Resting Feet/ MustHave Cooking Accessory

  • SAVE YOUR KITCHEN THE MESS! Protect your kitchen countertop, walls and furniture from persistent grease stains and save precious time on cleanup after meal prep! This premium grease oil splatter screen will help you keep your stovetop, BBQ or grill IMMACULATELY CLEAN, while protecting you from accidental burns from scorching oil!
  • THE TOP QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE! Equip your arsenal with a high-end kitchen tool and take your cooking skills to a whole new level! Quality crafted from food-grade STAINLESS STEEL,Pennakool splatter guard makes a STURDY, DURABLE, ROBUST cooking accessory forLIFELONG USE. No more flimsy cooking screens that get ripped in a breeze!
  • PERFECT FOR ALL YOUR POTS & PANS! It is a UNIVERSAL grease splatter screen that will perfectly fit most custom cooking pots and frying pans, decluttering your drawers from the many different screens for different purposes! Generously sized 13”, the JUMBO screen offers best frying protection to all home or pro cooks, making a MUST-HAVE for household or restaurant use.
  • INCREASED CONVENIENCE IN COOKING! Never again has protection from grease and oils pills been so easy! The large, ergonomic, NON-SLIP handle guarantees effortless use and enhanced control, while the smartly designed RESTING FEET protects your countertop from greasy stains. It is a high-end cooking splatter guard made for your convenience!
  • SPLATTER FREE KITCHEN GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! At Pennakool we take great pride in the quality of our product and we know you will love its efficiency! This is why we are backing it with reliable 100% Money Back Guarantee, to help you buy with confidence. So, place your order in peace of mind, as you have nothing to lose!

Save Your countertop The Grease Splatter Mess& Yourself The Headache of Clean up!

Are you tired of scrubbing stubborn grease stains from your kitchen furniture and walls after cooking?

Have you had enough with flimsy, cheaply-made oil splatter guards that get ripped after a while?

Are you in search of a smart design grease splatter screen that won’t leave ugly oil marks on your countertop?

Pennakool has just released the ultimate blend of QUALITY, DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY in a fine mesh oil splatter guard for EASY, MESS-FREE cooking!

Say Hello To The Last Mesh Cooking Screen You Will Ever Need!

Never again will you suffer painful burns due to accidental grease splatter during cooking!

We are making your frying SAFER, EASIER and MESS-FREE, with a STURDY, DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL kitchen accessory with an ULTRA FINE mesh screen that will make your lifelong cooking buddy!

Quality Meets Convenience In A Universal Use Tool!

Spacious enough to cover any of your cooking pans and pots, this 13” FINE MESH screen makes a UNIVERSAL utensil that will save your drawers space.

Why invest in various sizes of oil splatter screens when you can ensure best grease splatter protection with just ONE splash guard?

Cook Like A Master Chef!

The EASY-GRIP handle increases control in use, while the smart RESTING FEET will save your countertop from messy oil rings!

Save yourself the pain of looking for paper before leaving your grease splatter screen on your counter!

Offer A Thoughtful Gift!

Thrill your loved one home or restaurant cooks with a stunning gift created for their peace of mind and convenience!

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