Saturday, September 30, 2017

How To use Amazon No rush shipping credits to buy anything off Microsoft!


Have you been selecting Amazon No rush shipping to get $1 digital credits? If so did you know you can use those No rush credits to purchase items off  Microsoft! See the steps below on how to turn your credits into real items!

First check your No Rush shipping credits HERE
Once you know how many you have you will need to purchase Xbox digital gift card codes NOT the LIVE membership.
NOTE make sure seller is Amazon.

After purchasing you will need to go to and add your codes.
Go to your account or make one if you don't have one. Your email account will work.
Go to your profile Click Redeem a code or gift card and enter code

NEXT Add any item(s) from store and check out. All their items come with FREE shipping so no shipping.

You can get Fitbits HERE
Grab Xboxs and games HERE
Computers and Tablets HERE

Enjoy your items! I grabbed a Fitbit for practially free myself!


  1. Yeah I got my daughter a new Xbox one game thanks to digital credit

  2. Thank you. I probably wouldn't have figured it out without you.

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