Friday, October 27, 2017

Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

  • Professional glitter eyeshadow: create a multitude of looks with this 15 color diamond glitter palette. Use alone, or apply over regular eye shadow for additional designs.
  • 15 colors glitter eyeshadow: including red glitter eyeshadow,green glitter eyeshadow,yellow glitter eyeshadow,blue glitter eyeshadow,gold glitter eyeshadow,orange glitter eyeshadow,sliver glitter eyeshadow,brown glitter eyeshaodw,purple glitter eyeshadow,white glitter eyeshadow,gray glitter eyeshadow,hot pink glitter eyeshadow,cyan-blue glitter eyeshadow, darkviolet glitter eyeshadow,black glitter eyeshadow.
  • Pressed glitter eyeshadow: no need for glue.Pressed glitter powder is easy to apply directly with fingers or brushes.
  • Popular glitter eyeshadow: perfect for all skin types.These vibrant colors are best applied on eyes and cheek, and are not intended for use on nails and other body parts.
  • Widely used glitter eyeshadow: high quality makeup with easy application that’s suitable for both personal and professional salon use.Smooth fine texture with a bold variety of long lasting colors that are perfect for casual glam, wedding or party makeup and other festivals and events.

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