Thursday, November 30, 2017


Grab this 5 pack of BBQ grill mats for ONLY $4.99 with Prime and code from the gleam at bottom of blog post.

Grilldom BBQ Grill Mat, 100% Non Stick, FDA Approved, PFOA Free, Easy to Clean, Grill&Baking Mats, Heavy Duty,Reversible, Reusable, Heat Resistant, Dishwasher Safe, Kitchen&Outdoor, Set of 5

  • 【New Grilling Way]】Say “Goodbye” to grease grill, sliced vegetables and oil falling through, flare-ups, stickiness and carcinogen. Grilldom BBQ Grill Mat will solve all these problems and make you enjoy grilling more.
  • 【Premium and Safe】Grilldom BBQ Grill Mat is FDA approved, made of premium heat resistant PTFE and Fiberglass coating. It contains no PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals and can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit maximum.
  • 【Best BBQ Accessories】Grilldom BBQ Grill Mat has perfect 0.2mm thickness, which is found that food is grilled faster and more evenly at this thickness. This will save you much time and more money in fuels. What’s more, you can cut the mats to any shapes or sizes you need.
  • 【Great Value Set】Grilldom offers a set of 5 pieces while most BBQ Grill Mats only offer a set of 3. You can save a lot on BBQ. Grilldom’s BBQ Mat is reusable and durable. If the mat is protected well, it can work for a lifetime. In oven, charcoal grilling for baking and cooking are recommended.
  • 【Money-Back Policy】If you are not satisfied with our product, please send us a message through the amazon message system with your order number. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to Grilldom and a refund will be issued after we get your message.

1.What will you get with a Grilldom grill mat?
The old days BBQ gives people fun but it is limited, because you can't place sliced meat or vegetables
directly on it. When you get it, you can place anything you like, for example 
eggs, cheese, burgers and even fruits.

2 .Why do you need a Grilldom BBQ grill mat?
Grill mat makes your grilling no flare ups, nothing fall through, no grill marks and easy to clean.
You will enjoy your grilling more when you have it! Grilldom focus on how to make your
grilling time more convenient and keep the food high quality with FDA-Approved material..

3.How to use Grilldom’s BBQ Grill Mat?
Once you get the BBQ Grill Mat, you need to wash the mat before you use it. To protect your
grill mat, please don’t put it in the charcoal directly. Experts recommend 500 degree though it can 
hold 600 degree.

4.How to clean the grill mat?
When grill mat is warm, you can clean it with a damp rag. When it’s cold, you can clean it in warm
water with dish soap. Dishwasher also can wash it. 

Please be noted:
-Before using Grilldom’s BBQ Grill Mat, please be sure that your grill is clean, or the oil and grease will make the experience uncomfortable.
-The mats can’t be put on the direct fire, and silicone kitchen utensils are the best partners.
-Experts recommend 500 degree, though it can hold 600 degree.
-Both sides of the mat can be used. You can exchange two sides to extend its life.
-Please use wet sponge, or damp rag to wash it gently, or its surface can be scratched.

How do you get this deal?
1. Click a gleam link
2. Login with FB
3. Click redeem with FB and a code with a search term will pop up
4. GO to and put the search term in the amazon search bar.
5. FIND the item pictured up above. Make sure its the RIGHT brand and the seller is the right one listed (change seller by clicking new from on the right side under the add to cart button) 
6. at checkout put in your code. *NOTE codes will NOT combine you will have to do seperate orders
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