Thursday, January 10, 2019

60% OFF 18 Piece Dinosaur Toys with Play Mat

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Dinosaur Toys with Play Mat, 18 Pieces Educational Realistic Dinosaur Figures and 28.5" x 28.5" Playmat, Perfect Dinosaurs Playset Gift

  • 【DINOSAUR PLAY SET】:This great value dinosaur play mat is perfectly matched with the simulated dinosaur toys, and the rich Jurassic dinosaur period is immersed in a fascinating past. This is a complete set of 18 dinosaur action figures, as well as a compelling Jurassic period map that can hone their exploration skills!
  • 【DINOSAUR TOYS FOR KIDS】:Educate your toddlers, help them develop their imagination, patience and perseverance with the top construction toy made for dinos addicts! It is an excellent educational toy that will teach your children cooperation with their friends or will keep them creatively entertained in their own room!
  • 【PLAYMAT】:Rubber cloth dinosaur play mat, rubber material on the back of the mat, environmental protection, durable and hard to harden. The bottom is made of non-slip rubber with herringbone lines. It can be ensured that it will not be easily displaced on any smooth surface, and the anti-slip effect is good. The pattern is clear, the color is bright, and the color does not fade. The stitching of the edge stitching is more tidy.
  • 【EDUCATIONAL DINOS】:The plastic dinosaurs are made of high-quality PVC, which truly restores the appearance of dinosaurs in ancient times, including Tyrannosaurus Rex(T-Rex), Triceratops, Stegosaurus,Tanystropheus, and Raptor. The rubber is taken from the rubber tree, the material is healthier, environmentally friendly paint, vivid color, no special bad smell.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】:Dinosaurs party favors, birthday party games, educational purposes, party decoration, party favors, handouts or rewards. Ideal party favor or gift for a dinosaur themed birthday party.

This dinosaur toys is not only a dinosaur toy for children, but also a vivid dinosaur playmat, as well as a variety of realistic dinosaurs to let your child learn and grow in the game.
It is more likely to take the child back to the dinosaur era, dominate the earth from dinosaur, to volcanic eruptions that lead to the extinction of dinosaurs, educate children about the power of nature through carpets, and tell children to protect and get close to nature.
The size of the play mat has been continuously researched and tested by the CHICKEN TOYS team. It can be playing easily on the indoor table, on the floor of the room, on the outdoor lawn.

18 x Dinosaurs
1 x Playmat

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CHICKEN TOYS is a high quality toy brand that has a high production value and meticulous manufacturing standards. All the dinosaur toys we sell are 100% brand new and created with exceptional detail.
Best of all,we offer them at reasonable prices! Our quality is consistent all throughout, from manufacturing and inspections to sales and post-sales support.
We are proud of our products and we'd love for our customers to be delighted with what we have to offer.

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