Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Cat Coin Money Box Cat Coin Stealing ONLY $3.99!

Grab this Cat Coin Money Box Cat Coin Stealing for ONLY $3.99 on Amazon.
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Crazy-Store Cat Coin Money Box Cat Coin Stealing Money Piggy Bank Money Saving Box for Kids

  • 【Cute】 - The little cat in the box looks very lovely, so it is an/ adorable holiday gift.
  • 【Educational】 - Helps your children develop good habits of thrift and help them grow healthily.
  • 【Large Capacity】 - The size is 120*100*90mm and can accommodate a large number of coins.
  • 【Easy to use】 - Only two AA batteries are required to get started, safe and convenient (Batteries are NOT included).
  • 【Sounds】 - When a kitten steals a coin, it emits a variety of different sound effects, making it even more cute and interesting
  • 【ABS】 - A very durable outer shell material that can accompany your child for a long time. Please enjoy the happy hours with your kids.
Cute Money Bank Creative Piggy bank Cion Bank Cat Toy Gift for Boys and Girls

▪ Cute Shape.
▪ Durable Quality.
▪ Harmless.

▫ Material: ABS, Electronic Components
▫ Color: White Cat, Yellow Cat
▫ Size: 12*10*9cm
▫ Power: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

1. Close the cover of the box.
2. Turn the bottom switch to the ON position.
3. Place the coin in the correct position and gently press the coin.
4. After about a second, the piggy bank starts working.
5. The kitten will poke out its head and its hand will put the coin into the box.

How to Take Out the Coins:
1. Turn off the power switch
2. Locate the lid on the bottom of the piggy bank.
3. Use a hard object to screw the lid in the direction of the arrow to open the piggy bank.
4. After removing the coin, tighten the screw in the opposite direction of the arrow in the same way. You can close the lid.

1. When it is not in use for a long time,please remove all the batteries.
2. This product can't suffer from impact ,please use it with care.
3. Please don’t put it close to the fire.
4. Please turn off the power when it is not in use.
5.Products in kind prevail.

Package included:
1 * Toy Bank
1 * User Manual

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