Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pet drinking fountain: A pet must have!

This pet drinking fountain by Ownpets is great. I recently rescued a mommy dog and her two puppies so I was excited to test this product out.

When I first received this pet drinking fountain, I was afraid it was too big for my small dogs. It did take them a little while to realize the fountain was theirs but after they did they love it! Mommy dog had severe UTI when I first got her, so getting her to drink lots of water was my main concern since UTIs in dogs isn't fun for them or us. My dogs do drink more water since getting this pet fountain much has helped with mommy dog.  Before using this pet water fountain, I was changing their water like crazy as they love fresh water as do most dogs. With this water fountain, the water stays fresh. I only have to fill about once a day since it hold almost a gallon of water.

The pet water fountain is easy to clean and fill. It offers 3 different settings: Smart, Normal, and Fancy. The smart function runs for 30 seconds with 30 minute pause intervals. Normal function water flows continuously. The fancy runs for 10 seconds with a 10 second pause. This also has filtering. This fountain includes 2 removable filters. The top try has mesh and catches debris and makes cleaning easier. The top tray is easy to remove and clean. No need to clean the whole system daily with the way its made. Just remove the top tray and clean.

This pet fountain is also very quit. In my video, it may sound loud but its not. My camera picks up everything. When low on water, the blue light will change to red and it will automatically shut off so motor doesn't burn up.

Overall this is a great pet drinking fountain that I recommend. Its perfect for my small dogs. I would recommend for any size though.
I did receive this product at a discount to review. All opinions are my own.

Check it out on amazon here:

Pet Drinking Fountain, Ownpets Automatic Electronic Cat Drinking Water Fountain with 0.8 Gallon Large Water Capacity, Quadruple Filtering, 3 Intelligent Working Modes and Mute Pump Design for Dog

  • Good For Your Pets' health: Ownptes pet drinking fountain 0.8 Gallon water capacity is great for pets of all sizes. Free-falling water stream entices pets to drink more. Helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration
  • Four Filtering: the water is cycling within the cat drinking fountain, filtered by the filter with activated carbon nanometer filter cotton, active ceramics, activated zeolite and calcium sulfite, maintain fresh drinking water for the pet
  • 3 Intelligent Working Mode: to satisfy different needs of different pets, our pet dog drinking fountain has 3 modes for different water flow frequency: water flows continuously, 30sec with 30min pause intervals, or 1-10sec with 1-10sec pause intervals
  • Prevent Water Overflow And Easy To Clean: smooth water cycling prevent the overflow issue, snap-fit filter mesh and filter tray, easy to remove the parts and easy to clean, the snap fit also prevent the pets taking away the filter mesh with their paws
  • Mute Design: Durable mute pump, efficient shock absorption, waterway cyclotron, bring quiet and comfortable using experience. Make your pets love to drinking water. Besides, as our automatic pet drinking fountain comes with a attractive gift box. It's also a great present for your parents, lovers, or friends

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