Sunday, May 12, 2019

30 pack Dry Erase Pockets 67% OFF

Grab this 30 pack of  Dry Erase Pockets 67% OFF. ONLY $7.56 
These are great for homeschooling! Also great for teaching kids how to write since you can stick worksheets in them and reuse. With 30 you can have the whole alphabet ready to go at anytime.
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Alfabeto Dry Erase Pockets - set of 30 is perfect for classroom organization. Teacher can organize the assignments/sheets conveniently using the available range of colored pockets.     These reusable dry erase pockets are environmental friendly and economical as they minimize the use of multiple worksheets/papers again and again thus save your money and time as well.   These clear dry erase sleeves are 10 x 13 Inches so can keep & store the paper sheets without damaging and squeezing them. Best 

Pack of 30 Size: 10 x 13 inches 10 colors Can be used for ages 3+ Alfabeto Pack of 30 Dry Erase Pockets is perfect for using in an environment where one needs many pockets at one time like in classroom, office, restaurant etc. This small dry erase pocket is environmental friendly as they minimize the use of handwriting paper and can be used again and again. These clear kids dry erase perfect for class room organization because teacher can easily organize documents/sheets and assignments using a range of colors available. These premium quality durable pockets can be used to store and organize your recipes in restaurants, Memos in offices, shop tickets and still being able to make notes on them using dry erase markers. These can also be hung with the built-in metal eyelet.

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