Wednesday, May 15, 2019

FREE Crunchyroll: 30 Day Pass with Amazon Prime!

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Do you know about Twitch Prime which is FREE to Amazon Prime members? From now until June 13th you can grab 30 Day Crunchyroll Premium Pass. Crunchyroll is the world’s largest destination for anime and manga according to their website.
If you are already a Premium Pass member you can still grab and I've been reading it willbe added after your current Pass ends. 

FIRST make a account. Start FREE crunchyroll trial. Then make a Twitch Prime account if you haven't Then check out the Twitch Prime Loot page  and find the Crunchyroll: 30 Day Pass offer grab your code, enter in on Crunchyroll, and Enjoy :) 

Twitch Prime offers various In-Game Loot and more. Grab exclusive skins when they come available. Twitch is great to check out the newest games in play. I actually found Twitch by entering gleam giveaways and Sliver giveaways and have loved it every since!

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